About Dr. Deb

Dr. Deb HastenDeborah Hasten completed her Ph.D. in exercise physiology (with a minor in nutrition) at Louisiana State University (LSU) in 1994. She also holds bachelor of science degrees in biochemistry (Tulane University) and physical education (University of New Orleans), and a master of science degree in kinesiology (University of New Orleans).

Dr. Hasten has been recognized both for her achievements in academics and research. While at LSU, her research examined the effects of chromium supplementation on the development of lean body mass and the reduction of body fat. After her training at LSU, Dr. Hasten was a postdoctoral researcher at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis for 3 years. While there, she conducted studies on weight training, body composition, and protein metabolism.

She has also received recognition as a natural (drug-free) competitive bodybuilder. In her 22 years of competition, Dr. Hasten has won a number of regional competitions, including the Southern USA, Louisiana State, Gulf Coast Classic, and Gulf Coast Night of Champions Bodybuilding Championships. She also served as the weight training coordinator in the Department of Athletics while at LSU. Throughout the years, she has also been active as a judge and official of the National Physique Committee (NPC), the largest bodybuilding organization.

Currently, Dr. Hasten runs her own training business, Dr. Deb, Inc., and she is a professional member of the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Physiological Society.