Gladys BarkerDr. Deb has been training me for balance and muscle strengthening for ten years.  As a nonagenarian, I am convinced I would not be able to travel as I do or to be mobile unassisted were it not for Dr. Deb.

Gladys Barker, O.T.




Kylie CulpThe training has helped me feel all around better.  I feel better about how I look because of the way I look now losing 20 lbs.  I train in Taekwondo better in my techniques, and my flexibility and strength has improved in every aspect of my personal life and professional life.  I can perform at higher levels of strength and push more now that I have a great support system with my personal training, that it transitions over to my work training.

Kylie Lee
2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
Missouri State Champion in forms and sparring (2013)
District Champion in forms and sparring (2013)


I am a practicing R.N. with a strong E.R. background.  Through my practice I have learned the critical importance of exercise for maintaining health & a youthful outlook.  For some time I have engaged in competitive ballroom dancing, and I wanted to improve my stamina and muscle tone.  So I turned to Dr. Deb, my personal trainer.  Dr. Deb & I embarked on my program to achieve my goals.  I could not be more satisfied.

Myra Ventus, R.N., B.S.N.
Gold Level Competitive Ballroom Dancer



Pat PurcellWhen I turned 55, I decided to return to competition in national tennis tournaments in my age division.  I quickly discovered that I needed help with strength conditioning so I could go the distance in long tournaments and hit more powerful shots.  I started training twice weekly with Dr. Deb.  She understood my goals, pushed me to become better and tailored my work-outs for my needs.  I started to immediately see progress.  The work-outs in the gym were challenging, not repetitive, and new exercises were added appropriately, all helping me to achieve my goal:  a National Title.  About a year after training with Dr. Deb, I won my first National Title and Gold Ball, was named the Adult Player of the Year for the St. Louis area and the USPTA Pro of the Year for Missouri.  

Dr. Deb is an integral part of my success.

Pat Purcell
USPTA Tennis Professional
USPTA Missouri Pro of the Year (2011)
USA National Doubles Title Winner (2011) 

Connolly (World) Cup US Team Gold Medal Winner (2013)
USA National Singles Indoor Winner (2013)

Susan HallDr. Deb has been my personal trainer for over 10 years.  She is the perfect combination of tough, but understands and knows what to do when I have worked too hard in my yard & my back hurts.  When I started, I wanted to gain strength, but I got a lot more.  Deb also helped build my confidence & flexibility.  Along with my body image changes came improved eating habits and I have lost 30 pounds; and I have maintained my current weight for over 5 years.

 I give Dr. Deb my highest recommendation!

Susan Hall
Indirect Account Manager,  Verizon Wireless


David Kipnis

Dr. Deborah Hasten is a gifted exercise physiologist and exercise trainer with a very pleasant interactive personality. Following graduation from college she pursued a career in modeling and became interested in bodybuilding. She returned to graduate school, and after receiving a Ph.D. in exercise physiology, applied for post-doctoral training in the world-renowned laboratory of Dr. John Holloszy here at the Washington University School of Medicine. She carried on innovative research in muscle physiology and published a number of excellent papers in outstanding journals.

However, she found she missed direct contact with patients and left the laboratory to pursue a career in bodybuilding and exercise training. Her clinical skills were rapidly appreciated and she has developed a large practice including both men and women. Dr. Hasten's professionalism is unequaled and her judgement in addressing the individual needs of her clients is superb.

David M. Kipnis, M.D.
Distinguished University Professor of Medicine
Washington University School of Medicine-St. Louis, MO

Dr. Deb is a gem. She is very knowledgeable of the science of workouts, with a background that is extensive in both practical and scientific aspects. She pushes her clients to improve their performance, but is careful not to push too far. The workouts are fun and interesting because she makes them so.

Gustav Schonfeld, M.D.
Samuel E. Schechter Professor of Internal Medicine
Washington University School of Medicine-St. Louis, MO

Gustav Shonfeld

Gail GlennAs a psychoanalyst, I appreciate the intimate connection between a healthy mind and body. Dr. Deborah Hasten possesses an astute knowledge of physiology and a keen sense of direction. She provides her clients with a balance of weight exercises that enhance muscle strength and flexibility, enhancing their overall fitness levels. She utilizes her skills effectively to help mediate the normal effects of aging. Weight training with Dr. Deb is a valued part of staying physically fit.

Gail Glenn, Psa.
Training and Supervising Analyst
St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute