Bodybuilding Background

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Over a period of 22 years, Deborah Hasten has competed extensively as a natural (drug-free) bodybuilder. A listing of her major competitions includes:

Competition History (Bodybuilding Championships):

1984 Southern United States 2nd
1984 Ms. Southern America 1st
1985 Greater Gulf States 2nd
1985 Southern United States 3rd
1986 Gulf Coast Classic 1st
*1986 Southern United States 1st
1988 Louisiana B.B. Championships 1st
1991 Greater Gulf States 2nd
Trophies1991 Southern Naturals B.B.  Championships 1st
1991 Gulf Coast Night of Champions 1st (and best poser)
1994 Southern Classic 3rd
1994 Greater Gulf States 2nd
*1996 Southern United States 1st
**2006 Caveman Classic 1st

*Deborah Hasten won the Southern United States Bodybuilding Championships within days of both her 30th (1986) and 40th (1996) birthdays.



**Dr. Deb, on her 50th birthday, also competed and won in the Caveman Classic held in St. Louis, MO (July 29, 2006).

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