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Magna PlaceDr. Deb will personalize a fitness program to meet your needs! Options include training at Magna Fitness Center, located at 1401 S. Brentwood, Suite 135, St. Louis, MO 63144, or having a program set up at your home. Additionally, Dr. Deb can set up a program for you that you can follow up on your own at your facility of choice. Training rates start at $80/hour session, but discounts are available for shared sessions. There may be additional charges for travel time if you choose in-home training.

TrainingIn addition to having Dr. Deb set up a personalized program that you can perform on your own, you may arrange to have Dr. Deb train with you at set times and days on an ongoing basis!

For more information, contact Dr. Deb at (314) 942-9417 (24-hr phone line) or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Training For Overall Health

For the young client, the emphasis is often overall health, with the concentration on the 4 basic components of physical fitness: muscular strength and conditioning, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, and body composition.  In this age group, feeling and looking good are important, as well as performing optimally in life, whether in school, at work, or in various recreational sports and activities.

In the middle-to late-middle aged population, the general approach is to enhance daily living.  The concentration is still on the 4 basic components of physical fitness:  muscular strength and conditioning, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, and body composition.  It is in this age group that decrements in these fitness components become evident if sufficient intervention is not pursued.  Additionally, movements that enhance balance, proprioception, and kinesthetic awareness are helpful at this point.

"As a busy college student, I really appreciate
Dr. Deb’s expertise to create a workout plan
for me that I can continue while I am away
at school.  She not only showed me how to
train properly, but helped instill the knowledge
that I needed to continue the program on my own."
Paula Klasek, College Student

Paula Klasek

Gail Glen "Training with Dr. Deb is a valued
part of staying physically fit."
Gail Glenn, Psa.

"When I started, I wanted to gain strength,
but I got a lot more. Dr. Deb also helped
build my confidence & flexibility."
Susan Hall,  Accounts Manager

Susan Hall

Training The Athlete

The movements need to address any special needs of the specific sporting activity, but special needs of the individual as well.  The competitive athlete is usually training for the purpose of improving sports performance.  We first start with basic strength and conditioning, and then progress to more skill-specific movements (i.e., those that complement &/or mimic the specific sport movements). 

“About a year after training with Dr. Deb, I won
my first National title, was named Adult Player
of the year for the St. Louis area, and the USPTA
Pro of the year for Missouri.  Dr. Deb is an integral
part of my success.”
Pat Purcell
USPTA Tennis Pro

Kylie Culp Action

"I can perform at higher levels of strength and
push more now that I have a great support
system with my personal training, that it
transitions over to my work training."
Kylie Lee, 2nd Degree Black Belt, TKD


"For some time I have engaged in competitive ballroom dancing, and I wanted to improve my stamina and muscle tone.  So I turned to Dr. Deb, my personal trainer.  Dr. Deb & I embarked on my program to achieve my goals.  I could not be more satisfied."
Myra Ventus, Gold Level Ballroom Dancer
Myra Ventus Dancing

Training The Elderly

The elderly have special needs of their own.  In addition to the basics of muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and body composition, we now need to work on balance and coordination as well.  In the older clients, we also concentrate on the ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs).  As with younger clients, the program must be customized to meet any special health needs as well.

"Training with Dr. Deb has been
an integral part of my life
for the past 18 years."
Edie Binder, M.S.W.

Edie Bender


Gladys Barker Training

"I am convinced that training with Dr. Deb for the past ten years has allowed me to still be able to travel and to do all the things I enjoy."
Gladys Barker, O.T.